Thank you to everyone who attended our "Race to College" fundraising dinner on Saturday, February 8th, at the Hazel Park Raceway! With more than 175 guests in attendance, it was a huge success!


Meet our staff and board members!


Message from the Executive Director


Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Hazel Park Promise Zone and College Access Network!

Our staff, board members and community partners are extremely committed to both the success of our students and the revitalization of our community, and we believe strongly in the power higher education can have in terms of opening doors for our students' future success.

While our Promise scholarship program works to remove funding as a barrier to a college education by guaranteeing the opportunity for our students to complete, at minimum, an Associate's degree with all tuition and fees taken care of, we do not want to stop there. Paying for college can only be beneficial if our students are able to successfully transition into and out of school.

College application and financial aid processes are complicated, and so we provide two full-time employees at the high school who have been trained in college and financial aid advising.

We both want parents and students of all grade levels to feel comfortable contacting us regarding any questions they have about these important processes.

We would also like to thank the State of Michigan, the Sutar-Sutaruk-Meyer Foundation, the WalMart Foundation, the Michigan College Access Network, Public Policy Associates and the Hazel Park School District and all of our other donors and supporters for their continued investment in the students and city of Hazel Park.


All the best,


Kayla Roney, Executive Director

(248)658-5107 --

Hazel Park Promise Zone & College Access Network



What we know...


Our goals:


Our Objectives and Metrics:


Our Promise:

The Hazel Park Promise Zone guarantees all resident graduates of Hazel Park Schools a tuition-free path to an Associate's degree. These funds can be used at any accredited trade school, community college, college or university in the state of Michigan. A Promise Zone Scholarship is paid directly to a student's institution to cover tuition and fees only (no books). Promise Zone Scholars may receive other merit-based scholarships, but Pell, TIP or other government funding (loans not included) will offset a student's Promise Zone Scholarship. A Promise scholar must be a full-time student and must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher once they begin college to continue receiving his or her scholarship the initial semester.


Many of these students will be the first in their families to attend college.